International Service Translations began in 2007 with a dream: to facilitate communication between people. Words have the magnificent power to unite us, and after working as translator and interpreter in a school district in Chicago, our director, Irene Balado-Anzola, felt a strong call to help the community understand and connect.

Our Team

We believe that excellence, innovation, and quality of results can only be attained by partnering with people who have a deep knowledge of languages and culture. For this reason, we have set up a team with professionals from different parts of the world. Here are some of visible faces of our wonderful and committed human group:

Martina Balado
Ximena Atristain Abigurra
Adriana Celis Naranjo
Manuela Balado
Manuel Anzola
Irene Balado
Erika Zausi
Esteban Corbo
Lucia Gerrard

Furthermore, since technology and the challenges brought by globalization are of utmost importance, we apply avant-garde software tools that contribute to speed up and improve the quality assurance of our work, and we take care of the constant training of our team in order to continue reinventing our proposal and modernizing our service.